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Download - Lion Roars Allah

The Lion Makes Short Ablution And Says The Name Of Allah! Thousands visitors Of A Zoo In City Baku Azerbaijan, Became Witness Of This Miracle. The Inspector Of The Zoo Said That The Lion Was Brought From Iran In 1999.

Download - Mojezaat e Shaam

A collection Of Mojezaat Appered At Shrine Of Bibi Zainab (A.S)

Download - Mojeza Of Sayida Ruqaya (S.A)

Back In 2001 The Benefactor Saw Sayida Ruqaya Bint e Imam Al-Hasasn (A.S) With Another Woman Approch Him During His Dream. The Next Day The Benefactor Put Funds Aside For The Re-Construction Of Her Holy Grave In Najaf. After Permission Was Granted From The Local Authorities, The Work On Re-Construction Of Her Holy Grave Began. During The Re-Construction Of The Holy Shrine Of Sayida Ruqaya Bint e Imam Al-Hassan (A.S) An Image Of Sayyida Ruqaya (A.S) With Another  Woman Exactly The Same As Seen In The Dream Was Spotted Carved In Earth Around Her Holy Grave.

Download - Mojeza Of Bibi Sakeena (A.S) - Pakistan

The Footprint Imprinted In Blood Appeared Under The Carpet Where The Taboot Of Bibi Sakeena (A.S) Was Kept.