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Debate - The Sunni-Shia Conflict & Image Of Islam (127 MB)

Participants At the Latest Doha Debate Have Strongly Defended Islam's Image After Repeated Accusations That It Dad Been Damaged By The Sunni-Shia Conflict In Iraq. In A Series Of Robust Exchanges, There Was Strong Disagreement About The Effects Of Violence Between Islam's Two Largest Denominations. Juan Cole, Professor Of History At The University Of Michigan, Said Recent Polls Showed That Americans Believed Islam Contained More Violent Extremists Than Other Religions And Sectarian Fighting Must Have Contributed To That impression. Opposing The Motion, Sayid Hassan Al Qazwini Said There Was "No Conflict Between Sunnis And Shias." Supporting Him, Dr Hisham Hellyer, Fellow Of The Oxford Centre For Islamic Studies And Director Of The Visionary Consultants Group, Rejected The Notion. "The West Has Been Critical Of Islam For A Thousand Years And Portrayed It As Violent - And That Has Nothing To Do With The Sunni-Shia Divide" he said.

Discussion - Dr Israr On The Topic Of Khilafat - I (161 MB)

Discussion - Dr Israr On The Topic Of Khilafat - II (182 MB)

Dr Israr, A Renowned Sunni Scholar In Pakistan Is Invited In A Discussion To Explain The Details Of Khilafat. In The First Part Of Discussion He Gives A Brief Lecture About Khilafat From The Sunni Perspective & In Second Part Of This Discussion, He Answers The Question Raised By Shia Sunni Audience. (Note: This Discussion Is In Urdu Language)

Shias Beliefs & Views Of Quran & Haidith Books (81 MB)

Extracts From Shia-Suuni Discussion On The Topic Of Shias Beliefs & Views Of Quran & Hadith Books. A Widely Spread False accusation On Shia Muslims Is That They Do Have A Different Quran, With Different Number Of Ayats, Chatpters etc. In This Discussion Shia Scholar Explains That Shias Do Believe In The Same Quran And Denounces The False Accusations & Propaganda Against Shia Muslims.

How To Achieve Unity Between Sunni & Shia (178 MB)

April 13th, 2007 In Honor Of The Prophet’s Birthday, Tawheed Institute Organized An Evening With Br. Odeh Muhawesh From Minnesota To Present To Us The Prudent Approach And Ways Of Achieving Unity In The Muslim Ummah between the two major sects in Islam, Sunni and Shia. Mr. Muhawesh Has Written Several Books In Arabic And English. These Books Cover History, Theology And Moral Conduct. Fatima (A.S) The Gracious Is A Comprehensive Book About The Life Of The Great Daughter Of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), And Al-Ketab Al-Muqadas Taht Al-Mijhar in Arabic Is a Detailed Study About The Old And New Testaments.