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Emaan e Abu Talib (A.S) - A (114 MB)

Emaan e Abu Talib (A.S) - B (116 MB)

Dr Tahir ul Qadri Is A Distinctive Islamic Scholar Of International Repute. He Has Delivered Lectures In Almost All Major Contemporary Issues In Various National And International Conferences, Seminars, Gatherings And Specially Organized Programs By Universities And Colleges In All The Continents Of The World. In This Urdu Lecture He Explains In Detail The Emaan Of Hazrat Abu Talib (A.S), The Father Of Hazrat Ali (A.S), And Provides Strong References From Major Sunni Books To Support His Point Of View.

Facts Behind Wars of Safeen & Jamal (167 MB)

Molana Ishaq Is Among The Well Known Sunni Scholars In Pakistan, He Has Delivered Various Lectures In Urdu & Punjabi Languages On Variety Of Subjects. Always In His Lectures, He Encourages Unity Between Sunni And Shia Shool Of Thoughts. In This Lecture, He Indicates The Facts Behind Wars Of Safeen & Jamal In Accordande With Sunni Books.

(Note: This Lecture Is In Punjabi Language)

Sulah e Imam Hassan (A.S) (156 MB)

In This Punjabi Lecture, Molana Ishaq Delivers Details Of Sulah e Imam Hassan (A.S) & Motives Behind The Treaty Between Imam Hassan (A.S) And Mawiya Bin Abu Safyan.

Kirdar e Mawia (126 MB)

Molana Ishaq, A Renowned Sunni Scholar, Elaborates "Kirdar e Mawia" Bin Abu Safyan In This Punjabi Lecture.

Maqam e Risalat (PBUH) & Shia (110 MB)

Molana Irshad, The Shia Scholar, Explains The Maqam e Risalat (PBUH) & Imamat From Shias Perspective And Points Out The Facts Lying Under The Accusations Of "Toheen e Risalaat" On Shias In This Lecture Delivered In Urdu Language.

Nahjul Balagah - A (171 MB)

Nahjul Balagah - B (182 MB)

Nahj-ul-Balagha Is A Collection Of Sermons, Letters And Miscellaneous Sayings Left As A Memorial From The Amir-al-Momeneen Ali (A.S). This Book Is Divided Into Three Sections Of Sermons, Letters And Short Sayings. Dr Tahir ul Qadri, A Renowned Sunni Scholar Is Exploring The Greatness Of Great Book In This Urdu Lecture.